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Friday Political ‘B.S.’ Roundup

We’ve scanned the comments of the candidates and the articles, documentaries, and stories produced by the media recently and identified the following political ‘B.S.’ for your consideration.

MSNBC took on President Obama Thursday by highlighting the fact that his top bundlers – people who gather campaign contributions of up to $2,500 and then combine them into bundles of up to $50,000 – $500,000 – get special access. Their article disclosed the astounding fact that bundlers have more access and privileges than the middle class voters he and his party purport to be the sole champion of.

BS: Does this really surprise anyone? People don’t give huge campaign contributions to be ignored. And, those smart enough to gather contributions into one big “bundle” of checks have always been one step closer to being called “Ambassador” than the rest of us. This is equally a Republican and a Democratic trait.

Last night ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross “broke” a 13 year old news story in which the ex-wife of Newt Gingrich claimed he asked for an “open marriage” to pursue a relationship with his now wife Callista Bisek. On the same night, CNN couldn’t resist the apparent blood in the water and opened their CNN Presidential Debate with a direct question to Gingrich asking him if he would like to respond to the story. Gingrich told CNN’s chief national reporter John King, “No, but I will.” And to the cheers of the crowd he took on Mr. King. We paraphrase – Anyone who can take the pain of an ex-wife and make this an issue 2 days before a presidential primary is despicable. Mr. King attempted to position Newt’s ex-wife’s recall of events from 13 years ago as open issue, to which he was once again taken to task by Gingrich. Gingrich denied the accusation from his ex-wife who has claimed before that she could end his career with one interview.

BS: A personal event from 13 years ago, which has been vetted in public and which Mr. Gingrich has already admitted publically and apologized for, is not news. It could appear to be an attempt to smear a candidate that possibly ABC and CNN are concerned about.

MSNBC took on Mitt Romney for covering up, or not stopping, an alleged rebate scandal in 2002 between the Marriott Corporation and its franchisees when he served on the board of Marriott. The article essentially painted Romney as an insider who allowed Marriott to rip off their franchisees – as all ‘fat cats’ do, right? The article concludes with a summary of contributions made by top Marriott executives to the Romney campaign.

BS: This story was 10 years old. Do a search on the internet and it appears this story died a death by silence. If you find something on your own search, let us know.

Last night Newt was called out on the tax return issue. Recall Newt made an issue of Romney releasing his tax returns on several occasions. Gingrich’s campaign made a big deal of announcing that he was going to release his tax returns on Thursday. Come to find out Newt’s big disclosure this week was to release only his 2010 tax returns! When called on the carpet by Greta Van Susteren of Fox News to produce multiple years of returns, as he requested of Romney, Gingrich said he would make his mind up when he will release the rest. His 2010 tax returns showed that he and his wife Callista earned $3.1 million and paid $994,708 in Federal income taxes.

BS: If you are not willing to do what you are asking of others – then…. (fill in the blank).  

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